CJ17: Art@Work

Friday, March 17

 7:30-10:30pm                                            Emory Amphitheater


Body Talk: Vulnerability and Confrontation

Presentation by Kirstin Mitchell

Multimedia artist, Atlanta, GA


Queer Moxie

Film excerpt, Heather Provoncha and Leo Hollen Jr.

Co-Producers, Directors, Atlanta, GA


I am from Grace

Spoken word. Tori Grace Nichols

Prismatic performance artist. Third Culture.



Performance by Bjørn Venø

Artist, Atlanta, GA


Not My Face: The Seen and Unseen Aftermath of Medical Trauma

A Personal Reading by Alexandra Pauley

Political Science, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA


Sister Sai: Songs for Self-Love

Performance by Saira Raza

Goizueta School of Business, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Rule of Thumb

Dance Performance by

Lori Teague,  Theater and Dance, Emory University, GA

Christine Suarez,  Suarez Dance Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Juana Farfan, Educator, Choreographer, Atlanta, GA





Saturday, March 17

 7:30-10:30pm                                            Emory Amphitheater


Social Justice Improv: The Day’s Best

Ken Hornbeck, Deb Vidali,

and the CJ17 Ensemble


What Can I Say? Written by a White Girl

Poem-readings by Brynn Champney

Anthropology, Emory University, Atlanta GA


Lady Liberty: ACT UP!

Performance by Edward Ball

Queer activist, independent scholar, Atlanta, GA


Reflections on Wandering and Waking

Poem-readings by Maureen Fielding

English, Women’s Studies, Penn State University, Brandywine, PA


Love Letter to Self: An Ode to Audre, Cupid and the Cosmic Orgasm

Performance by Anicka Austin

Independent choreographer, artist. Atlanta, GA



Musical performance by Chelsea Dunn, Casey Battaglino

Artists, Activists, Atlanta, GA