The Work of Art



Thank you so much for helping to create Critical Juncture 2017: The Work of Art. Are you a grad student who wants to help organize #CJ2018? Please be in contact with us at:

March 17  18, 2017

Emory Conference Center Hotel,    1615 Clifton Rd NE Atlanta GA 30322

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Pick up at: 100 Woodruff Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322.

A Route


Executive Park Route

Yerkes bus (after stopping at Yerkes)

Critical Juncture is an international conference uniting those who cross traditional boundaries of academic disciplines. Now in its fourth year at Emory University, Critical Juncture is more than just a conference—it is an intersectional forum for graduate students, professors, artists, and activists to present their work and to advocate for social justice.

Critical Juncture 2017: The Work of Art, will explore how art works to defy, resist, and call attention to the particular injustices produced by the social construction of Disability, Race, Gender, and Sexuality. As these topics are by no means mutually exclusive, we also welcome contributors who overlap issues involving social class, ageism, ableism and geographic determinism, etc.

Over two days at Emory University, we will convene graduate students, researchers, and activists to explore the ways our scholarship and practice of the arts can be leveraged for social justice. These presenters will be organized into a series of thematically-linked panels discuss their works-in-progress through an interdisciplinary lens.

We will host Keynote Seminars, featuring internationally-renowned leaders from the intersecting spheres of the arts, NGO’s, and academia. In these workshops, speakers will share how they leverage diverse training in the arts and sciences, translating theory-to-practice through engaging  the most salient issues in social justice advocacy.

Art@Work, our evening-program, will feature performances including a short film series. We seek contributions from artists who emphasize the empowerment of marginalized communities, expansive perspectives of disability, sexuality, race, and/or gender. Contributions from non-academic or community organizers are especially welcomed.

We invite you to explore this website, to read more details about our Keynote Speakers, our sponsoring partners, and if you would like to download our Call for Proposals, it’s here.

We’d love to stay connected with you on Facebook! 


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